Baby Boomer Nails are french nails in ombré look. This means that the transition from the milky-white nail tip to the pastel nail bed is smooth. Basically, this nail modeling fits every nail shape and always looks elegant.

The gel modeling is reminiscent of natural, beautifully manicured nails.

The name comes from the years 1946 to 1960. These are the baby boomers and at that time light, pastel or pink shades on the nails were popular to generate a natural look.

Baby boomer gel nails are all the rage and it's hard to imagine nail modeling without them.

In our nail shop you will find the right nail products to create perfect baby boomer nails.

With the Nailino Builder Gel Sweet Baby Pink or Nailino Builder Gel Sweet Peach in combination with the Nailino Builder Gel Milky White you can achieve dreamy baby boomer nails.

Nora von NAILINO