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UV LED lamps and accessories for all your nail modeling needs. Find the right device for you to optimize your nails with perfect, even curing! Our UV/LED lamps are specially designed for private use or for use in the nail salon and ensure optimal results. A successful nail set relies on uniformly strong lights from the lamp, which ultimately gives it its strength and smoothness while fully curing the nails under LED light.

To last longer, a manicure from a professional studio is cured with a UV LED lamp. This process in the light curing device only takes about 90-120 seconds and makes the nails under the lamp strong and robust so that they won't chip off in the next few weeks. Most nail lamps are equipped with a display and time countdown to perfectly control the curing time.

UV LED lamps are an essential tool in the nail industry as they enable the curing of UV and LED based nail products. Compared to conventional UV lamps, UV LED lamps offer a faster curing time and are energy efficient.

A UV LED lamp works by emitting ultraviolet light that activates the special photopolymer ingredients in gel or acrylic nail products. These photopolymer ingredients begin to react and harden when exposed to UV light, causing the gel or acrylic to harden and adhere firmly to the nail.

Another advantage of UV LED lamps is their long service life. Unlike traditional UV lamps that have a limited number of burning hours, UV LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours. Additionally, they are typically more compact and lighter than traditional UV lamps, making them easy to transport.

There are different types of UV LED lamps on the market, including those that come with additional features such as built-in timers, automatic sensors, and USB ports. These functions make it easier to control curing time and energy consumption and allow the UV LED lamp to be connected to different power sources.

However, it is important to ensure that the UV LED lamp you use is of high quality and meets European standards to ensure safe and effective curing of nail products. When choosing a UV LED lamp, you should pay attention to factors such as power, size, compatibility with the nail products used and warranty.

Overall, using a UV LED lamp is an essential tool for the nail industry and allows nail professionals to work effectively and efficiently. With proper lamp selection and care, nail salons and nail lovers alike can expect long life and reliable performance.


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