NAILINO Rubber Base Gel for strengthening natural nails 

Das NAILINO Rubber Base Gel is suitable for all natural nails. It evens out bumps and conceals discoloration of the nail with ease. Rubber Base Gel can be used as a base for any Nailino color gel or glitter gel, but also to create a natural nail modeling look without additional gel natural nail reinforcement be applied. Available in four natural colors Clear, Milky, Rose and Salmon.


Icon Hände in UV Lampe
Light-curing adhesion promoter for all modeling systems (gel varnish & gel) under UV / LED light

Icon glänzende Nägel
Very good adhesion and long durability on the nails

Icon Nagellack auftragen auf Nagelbett
Rubber Base Gel is flexible and adapts to the nails and conceals imperfections in the natural nail

Icon abgebrochener Gelnagel und kompletter Gelnagel
Rubber Base is resilient after curing under UV/LED light

Icon vier finger
Also suitable for short natural nail extensions