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This is NAILINO.

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Perfect skin care for hands and nails

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Nail design courses with certificate

Learn nail design, or expand your skills with our nail design courses.

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what means?

Vegan Gel

Cruelty-free and produced without animal suffering.


Sustainability at NAILINO

NAILINO helps preserve the beauty of nature and plants trees for you.

1 tree = from CHF 50.- order value




We at NAILINO are convinced that high-quality gel nail products such as UV color gels or accessories are the key to the success of your nail salon and are therefore constantly improving our offering.

We at NAILINO want only the best for your nails and your nail salon and we deliver it too. NAILINO was founded in Switzerland in 2020 and run by experienced nail designers.

The passion for high-quality nail gel is in our blood. All employees work every day to offer you the perfect UV color gel, UV builder gel or accessories for your nail salon under NAILINO.

Our product range

Discover a wide range of products for your professional nail design and comprehensive nail care on Our range is ideal for anyone who wants to care for and beautify their nails and hands.

  1. Colorful UV color gels: Our UV color gels offer a variety of colors for every occasion.
  2. Innovative Poly Acrylic Gel: Discover the strength and longevity of our Poly Acrylic Gel .
  3. Extensive nail salon accessories: You can find everything you need for your nail salon in our nail salon accessories .
  4. Long-lasting Shellac and Glitter Gels: Try our Shellac and Glitter Gels for impressive designs.
  5. High-quality brushes and manicure accessories: Perfect your art with our brushes and manicure accessories .
  6. Professional equipment: Complete your equipment with our nail cutters and UV LED lamps .
  7. Attractive offers and sets: Discover our special offers and save on your purchase.
  8. Exquisite hand care: Pamper your hands with our nourishing hand creams . Choose from different scents and formulas for velvety-soft hands.
  9. Nourishing nail oil: Our nail oils provide your nails and cuticles with moisture and important nutrients to keep them healthy and strong.
  10. Skin care products: Discover our selection of skin care products designed specifically for the needs of the skin on the hands and feet.

At we value quality, sustainability and beauty. Our vegan and cruelty-free products represent responsible beauty care. Visit and be inspired by the world of professional nail design and exclusive hand and skin care.

For beginners and professional nail designers

Our Nails Shop offer is aimed at beginners and professional nail designers. For nail salon or private use. All nail fans can order from us.

Order conveniently and have it delivered with Swiss Post. Shipping is free for purchases over CHF 100. If our nail products are in stock, delivery takes 2-3 days.

Simply pay with Twint, MasterCard, Visa or PayPal or by invoice in advance.

NAILINO - The premium UV gel

The NAILINO Premium Nails UV Gel is designed and developed like the NAILINO Color Gels and NAILINO Builder Gels, Poly Acrylic Gel and Rubber Base Gel for nails in Switzerland, in the Lucerne hinterland - Design in Switzerland.

Manufactured in Germany under strict conditions in collaboration with chemists.

The vegan UV gel for nails from NAILINO

Our greatest concern is that no animal suffering is involved in the production of our NAILINO Premium Nails UV gels for nails.

Our NAILINO products are all made without animal ingredients and without animal testing. Get to know our selection of premium gel for nails and you will be amazed at how well our UV gel products can be modeled.

Your customers will also be amazed by the durability and luminosity of our nail gels.

Products for gel nails - Buy in the Swiss Nail Shop

NAILINO offers you everything for your nail salon to design great gel nails. Convince yourself of our large range of color gels and building gels.

Our promise to our customers is that all of our nail salon nail products are vegan and made without cruelty to animals. NAILINO's headquarters and warehouse are in Switzerland, where the UV gels for gel nails are also created. Over 1000 customers already count on our nail products for nail manicure.

Nails - expression of our personality and style

Nails are more than just a part of our body - they are an expression of our personality and style.

With beautiful nails we feel more confident and well-groomed. Whether short or long, painted or natural, our nails are an important feature of our appearance.

There are many different types of nails, from gel nails to acrylic nails. Each type has its own advantages and can be designed in different ways.

There are endless possibilities to experiment with colors, shapes and textures to express our individual personalities. If you want to care for and beautify your nails, there are many products on the market, from nail polishes to files and care creams.

Choose the products that best suit your needs and experiment with different looks to find your perfect nail routine. Whether you're a nail artist or just want to care for your nails at home, nails are a wonderful way to express yourself and get the most out of your appearance.

Be inspired by the countless possibilities in our shop and create your own unique nails.

Sensual hand creams from NAILINO - vanilla, coconut vanilla and roses - for optimal hand care

Welcome to the world of exquisite hand care from NAILINO! We proudly present our latest treasures - the vanilla, coconut vanilla and rose hand creams.

These irresistible scents envelop your hands in a sensual care experience.

Vanilla: Delicate warmth for your skin. Our vanilla hand cream pampers you with a seductive scent and a rich formula. Your skin is intensively moisturized while the warm vanilla scent caresses your senses.

Coconut vanilla: Exotic care for your hands. Experience the interaction of coconut and vanilla in our exotic hand cream. The rich care formula gives your skin suppleness, while the scent takes you on a tropical journey.

Roses: elegance in hand cream form. The rose-scented hand cream is pure elegance. Its delicate rose scent gives your skin a gentle aura, while the moisturizer ensures soft hands.

Which nail courses does the NAILINO Academy offer for beginners and advanced users?

The NAILINO Academy offers special nail courses with certificates that are suitable for different levels of experience. For beginners, there are courses that teach basic nail techniques , as well as specialized training in nail filling technique, gel nails , natural nail strengthening and the popular baby boomer technique . These courses are ideal for anyone looking to enter the world of nail design or improve their skills in specific areas.