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Nail course: natural nail reinforcement

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Unser Nagel Kurs zur Naturnagelverstärkung ist speziell für Nageldesign-Anfänger und -Fortgeschrittene konzipiert, die lernen möchten, wie man Naturnägel stärkt und verbessert, ohne auf künstliche Nagelverlängerungen zurückgreifen zu müssen. In diesem Kurs werden dir die Grundlagen und Techniken der Naturnagelverstärkung vermittelt.


Für Anfänger und fortgeschrittene Nageldesigner.

Nail course for strengthening natural nails with certificate (individual lessons) – Strengthening and improving natural nails

Our Nail course for strengthening natural nails with certificate teaches the participants techniques and skills to strengthen and improve natural nails. The following are some topics typically covered in this course:

  1. Fundamentals of Natural Nail Enhancement: Participants will learn the fundamentals of natural nail enhancement, including the different materials and techniques that can be used to strengthen and enhance natural nails.

  2. Preparing the nail: Here the participants learn how to prepare the natural nail for reinforcement. This includes trimming and shaping the nail as well as preparing the nail plate for the application of the reinforcing agent.

  3. Reinforcement Techniques: In this part of the course, participants will learn various reinforcement techniques that can be used depending on nail growth and the condition of the natural nail. Participants will also learn how to make the transition between the natural nail and the reinforcement seamless.

  4. Filing technique: Here the participants are shown the correct filing technique to perfectly smooth the reinforcement and achieve the desired shape and thickness. Participants will also learn how to correct imperfections or bumps to achieve a perfect finish.

  5. Care and Maintenance: Participants will learn how to properly care for and maintain the natural nails and reinforcement to achieve a long-lasting effect. This includes the use of nail oils and moisturizers, and proper handling of nail tools and materials.

  6. Hygiene and Safety: The importance of hygiene and safety in nail modeling is explained here. Participants learn how to properly disinfect and sterilize tools and materials and how to ensure the safety of their customers.

In summary, the natural nail reinforcement course is an important course for nail artists to expand their skills in natural nail reinforcement. Participants will learn the techniques and tips they need to strengthen and enhance natural nails while ensuring the health and safety of their clients.

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