Premium nail files for nail design and manicure: your key to perfect nails

For professional nail design and manicure

Our premium nail files are the ideal tool for anyone who values ​​professional nail design and careful manicure. Whether for use in the nail salon or for perfect home care, our files offer you the quality and precision you need.

Versatile for manicures and pedicures

These files are ideal not only for manicures, but also for pedicures. They are designed so that they can be used efficiently and gently on both hands and feet. This makes them an indispensable tool for comprehensive nail care.

Extensive selection: buffers, interchangeable files and various grit sizes

Our range includes buffers, interchangeable files and files in different grit sizes, so that you can find the right file for every requirement. From coarse to fine – choose exactly the grit you need for your specific needs.

Swiss shop – quality and reliability

As a Swiss shop, we stand for the highest quality standards and reliable service. We understand the importance of professional tools in the field of nail design and offer you products that meet these requirements.

Immediately available: Order your premium nail files now

Don't wait any longer and upgrade your nail care set with our premium nail files. They are available for immediate delivery, so you can start with professional nail care quickly and easily. Order now and experience the difference that high-quality nail files can make in your nail design and manicure regime.

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