Nail Tips Box – the practical storage for nail tips

When it comes to nail extensions, nail tips are an essential tool for nail stylists. One Nail Tips Box is a practical storage option for these artificial nail tips. There are different shapes of nail tips, such as ballerina, stiletto and coffin, each of which can create different looks.

The ballerina shape is a modern take on the classic French manicure that has a rounded square tip and a flat nail bed. This shape is particularly suitable for women who prefer a subtle and natural look.

The stiletto shape is a tapered nail shape that is reminiscent of the shape of a stiletto. It is perfect for courageous and trend-conscious women who would like to show off their nails.

The coffin shape has a flat top and a wider base, reminiscent of the body of a coffin. This nail shape is a modern interpretation of the classic French manicure and is particularly suitable for women who prefer an edgy look.

A nail tips box offers nail stylists a practical storage option for their various nail tips. It makes it possible to store the tip molds neatly and orderly and to access them quickly and easily. Thanks to the different compartments, the tip shapes can also be easily sorted and identified.

Nail Tips Boxes are available in different sizes and colors and offer space for a variety of tip shapes. Some models also have additional compartments for nail polish, rhinestones or other nail accessories. Some boxes are also stackable, allowing for space-saving storage.

Overall, Nail Tips Boxes are an essential storage solution for nail stylists who want to offer a wide range of tip shapes. With proper storage and quick access to the various tip shapes, working time can be shortened and work efficiency increased.

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