Perfect nails with our nail salon products - Discover now!

In our NAILINO Nail Shop Switzerland you will find a large selection of professional nail studio products. We have everything you need to create perfect nails - from nail gels and color gels to gel polish, nail tips, files, buffers and brushes.

For the natural strengthening of the nails we recommend our Rubber Base Gel. It has excellent adhesion to the natural nail and protects the gel from chipping. If you are looking for an alternative nail gel, then try our Poly Acryl Gel. It is easy to apply and offers great durability.

Our range also includes a large selection of nail sets, such as starter sets for nails. These sets are perfect for beginners or if you want to expand your nail salon products. Our Finish Gel is an absolute must to give nails the perfect shine.

In addition to our gels and tools, we also offer a wide range of nail kits such as UV lamps, stencils and nail oils to perfect nails. We also offer a wide range of nail art products such as nail stickers and glitter to decorate nails with the latest designs.

In our shop you will also find a wide range of milling cutters and tools for professional use. Our products are of the highest quality.

In summary, we offer an extensive range of professional nail salon products to make your nail treatments a success. Whether you are a professional nail stylist or a beginner, we have everything you need to create nails that look perfect. Explore our range and choose from a variety of products to enhance your nail salon experience.