Irregularities and discolorations on the nail plate can be excellently treated with Camouflage Gel conceal. It is also under the term Make-up-Gel known. If you have a small nail bed, you can use a lighter shade of Cover Camouflage Gel to make the nail bed appear larger. In this way you can optimally harmonize the relationship between the nail bed and the French line. 

You can do that Cover-Gel apply as an intermediate layer, but is actually only interesting in connection with French Gel Nails or if the color gel used is so light that the nail bed shines through. In any case, the camouflage gel offers a promising possibility for well-groomed and natural-looking fingernails. Especially with nail chewers, the nail beds are often very short and the proportions are not balanced. With the appropriate make-up gel, such blemishes can be fantastically compensated. It is definitely worth trying different colors of these gels, because the results will vary depending on the color of your own cuticles. 

In addition, it is always a matter of taste how dark or light the camouflage gel is chosen. If lifting is a problem, the make-up gel should always be applied on top of an adhesive gel. Convince yourself of our Cover Gel - Buy now in the Swiss Nail Shop.