5 Rose Gold Pinsel

Nailino Rose Gold Line brush for nails

The Rose Gold Line brushes are premium nail brushes in durable, sturdy Rose Gold metal. The Rose Gold Line brushes complement each other perfectly and upgrade your nail studio. The brushes are also a noble eye-catcher. A cap is also supplied to match the brushes to protect and protect the brush bristles.

The right premium brush from Nailino for every nail design application. Gel brush, fan brush or nail art brush.


5 Rose Gold Pinsel in Nahaufnahme
precise & clean

Premium vegan brushes

The premium brushes are made with high-precision synthetic bristles. Accurate and clean work is no problem with this tool. The right brush for every application in nail design.

Vier Rose Gold Nailart Pinsel
Noble design

Rose gold alloy

The rose gold metal alloy is particularly durable and solvent-resistant. Easy to clean with brush cleaner or nail cleaner. Due to its low weight of 10.5 g, the nail brush is comfortable to hold, even for longer nail modeling.

Rose Gold Pinsel liegend
be a pro

Premium professional nail brush quality

In order to conjure up the best nail designs, you need professional quality nail brushes. Convince yourself of the Nailino Premium Line brush. With the Rose Gold cap, your brush remains protected and the bristles remain of consistent quality in the long term.

The family grows

Rose Gold Line family

With the Rose Gold Line brush, we have the perfect complement to the premium gels in the Rose Gold jar. A harmonious duo in your nail salon. Eye-catcher guaranteed.