About Us

We are NAILINO, we make premium gels and accessories for nails. Our crew puts their heart and soul into nail care every day.

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The highest quality starts with the selected ingredients in our products. In Switzerland we design the latest trends with color experts and nail designers. In collaboration with chemists from Germany, we create our NAILINO range. Our highest priority is to offer vegan and cruelty-free gels. The result: color nail gels for every character. has quickly established itself as one of the leading online platforms for nail products in Switzerland and is highly valued by customers for its quality products and excellent customer service.

Selected materials

Our nail products are designed for both beginners and professional nail designers. The products must be opaque and colour-fast, have a long-lasting effect and last. Our philosophy of the durability of our gels for nails must ensure the highest quality standards.

Our collections

NAILINO has its finger on the pulse and is always ready for the latest trends. Our vision is clear and focused. We stay on the ball and are always open to customer requests. We love nails as much as you do.

Our Values

Our Values

Yes, we have big plans. And that takes commitment. 

In order to drive major changes in the company, it is important that everyone on the team contributes. At NAILINO we live and work according to four fundamental values ​​and principles. These four principles are the basis of our daily decisions and actions.

We want to make a difference.

We make our customers happy.

We do and learn in the process, mistakes are welcome.

We take care of ourselves, our environment and our surroundings.

We feel responsible when it comes to animal rights and the environment.

NAILINO has set itself the goal of making the nail design experience accessible to everyone. Whether for private use or for professional use in the nail studio, at NAILINO everyone will find the right products for perfect nails.


NAILINO is for everyone. If you work as a nail designer, we offer a studio partnership, where you benefit from a 20% discount on our range. We look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch with us and our support team will provide you with more information.