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Gel polish or Shellac by Nailino is known as a 'hybrid' UV gel for nails, it differs in some respects from the classic gel manicure and nail polish and is often seen as a mixture of both. Just like gel and gel polish, it hardens within two minutes after application with UV light, under LED light within 90 seconds - the tiresome blowing to dry nail polish is no longer necessary. 
  • Gel polish ensures no chipping and lasts longer than nail polish. 
  • Gel polish is a mixture of nail polish and gel. Suitable for all healthy nails. These must not be too thin.


Gellack color lasts about 3 weeks as a nails manicure. Even longer than a pedicure on feet. An advantage is that gel polish does not splinter but grows out. The robustness of gel polish easily withstands sports or everyday work compared to nail polish. Gel polish can be removed with nail polish remover or with a file.


It is important for the application of gel polish that the nail is well prepared. However, the manicure or pedicure can be done at home without any problems, just like with nail polish. With the integrated brush, the gel polish color is applied like nail polish. Make sure the nails are clean. Trim and file the nails into the desired shape. Push back the cuticles. Roughen the nail surface with a file or buffer so that the gel polish adheres better. Now the nails must be free of grease. With our Nagel Cleaner or with one nail polish remover we degrease the nails. Now we wear this Gellack Base Coat Gel as a base coat on the nails and harden this under a UV LED Lampe out. We then apply the desired gel polish color and also cure it under UV LED light. To give the gel polish the necessary hold, we seal the nails with finish gel, apply this gel and harden it under the UV LED lamp.


After about 3 weeks, the Gellack Nails no longer look fresh. So we need to remove the varnish. You can remove the gel polish color with a file or with nail polish remover. If you decide to use nail polish remover, the nails must be soaked in acetone nail polish remover for about 10 minutes, then the polish can be easily removed.

Frequently asked questions about Shellac

How is Shellac different from traditional nail polish?

Shellac is a hybrid product that combines the durability of gel nails with the ease of application of nail polish. It is applied in multiple coats and cured between coats, resulting in a longer lasting result.

How is Shellac applied?

Shellac is applied in three layers: a base coat, a color layer and a final sealing layer. Each layer is cured under a UV or LED lamp to ensure instant drying and durability.

Are there any special care requirements for Shellac nails?

It is recommended to use nail oil and moisturizer regularly to care for the cuticles and nails. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and use gloves if necessary.

Can Shellac cause allergies?

Allergic reactions to Shellac are rare, but it is important to check the ingredients to make sure there are no known allergens.

Can I wear Shellac during pregnancy?

Most Shellac products are rated safe during pregnancy, but it is recommended to discuss this with a doctor to ensure any concerns are addressed.