Premium hand cream

NAILINO SoftTouch hand cream

✔No animal testing ✔Vegan

Pampering hand creams from NAILINO: vanilla, roses and coconut-vanilla - lasting care for you

Immerse yourself in the world of NAILINO's hand cream, where care becomes a pure pampering moment. Our selection includes alluring scents: Vanilla, Rosen and For Kokos-Van – exactly what your senses desire.

With a noble pump dispenser made of aluminium, the application becomes a pleasure. As well as being stylish, this dispenser is also refillable, making a small contribution to our planet. Our hand creams are made for you and for nature.

Look forward to the beguiling scent of vanilla, the delicate aroma of roses or the exotic interplay of coconut and vanilla - each of our variants will enchant your senses.

NAILINO values ​​your beliefs. That's why our hand creams are closed 100% vegan and not tested on animals. A conscious choice for you and wildlife.

You deserve only the best, and that's why our hand creams not only offer fragrance, but intensive moisturizing too. Dry hands will be a thing of the past while your skin is enveloped in gentle care.

Are you looking for the best hand cream? At NAILINO you will find exactly that. Care, sustainability and irresistible fragrances come together in one package.

Discover the hand cream from NAILINO, experience pampering care and immerse yourself in a fragrant care experience that your hands will love.


Experience luxurious hand care with our hand creams

Intensive moisture for delicate hands

Dive into the world of luxurious hand care with our exquisite hand creams. The moisturizing formula transforms dry, rough skin into silky smoothness in no time.

For Van - Rosen - Kokos-Van

Fragrances that enchant the senses

Experience the magical fragrance that fills the air when you use our hand creams. Whether the enticing scent of vanilla, the delicate aura of roses or the exotic note of coconut and vanilla

Pure nature for your skin

Natural Care, Sustainable Choice

Your skin deserves only the best. Our hand creams are made with natural ingredients to gently nourish and care for your skin.

Refillable and vegan

Environmentally friendly and fond of animals

With our hand creams you not only make your skin happy, but also nature. The refillable aluminum pump dispensers are environmentally friendly and prevent unnecessary packaging waste.

A daily ritual of self-care

Spoil yourself anew every day

Treat yourself to the pleasure of regular hand care. Our hand creams are not only effective, they are also a treat for the senses.

Practical size

Your hand cream - always with you, everywhere with you

Our handy aluminum pump dispensers are perfect for on the go. Whether you're in the office, traveling or taking a relaxing walk - the hand cream is your companion for smooth hands wherever you are.