Nail salon instruments – the tools for perfect nails

A nail salon is a place where you can relax and have your nails taken care of. However, to achieve a perfect result, you not only need the right products, but also the right instruments. Some of the most important nail salon instruments are presented below.

  1. Nail scissors and nail clippers Nail scissors and nail clippers are indispensable for shaping the nails into the desired shape. Nail scissors are particularly useful for shortening nails while achieving the desired shape. Nail clippers, on the other hand, are better suited to shortening nails quickly and easily.

  2. Nail file A nail file is the tool used to shape and smooth the nails. It is important to use a high-quality nail file to minimize the risk of injury and achieve an optimal result.

  3. Cuticle nippers A cuticle nipper is a tool used to remove excess cuticles. It is particularly important to choose a precise and sharp instrument to ensure gentle and effective removal.

  4. Buffer - Polishing Block A buffer is an instrument used to smooth and polish the surface of the nail. It consists of several layers that have different finenesses to achieve a perfect surface.

  5. Nail brush A nail brush is an important tool for cleaning nails and removing dirt. It is often used together with a special nail cleaner to achieve a perfect result.

  6. Nail cutter A nail cutter is a powerful instrument used to remove gel, acrylic or calluses. It is important to choose a professional nail cutter to ensure effective and safe work.

The instruments mentioned above are just some of the most important nail salon instruments. Each instrument fulfills a specific function and contributes to creating perfect nails. To achieve a professional result, it is important to pay attention to quality and precision and only use high-quality instruments.


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