Cleanliness is a top priority in the cosmetics industry. Cleanliness serves to prevent and protect against diseases and infections - both for your health and that of your customers. Hygiene is only part of cleanliness, but where it is clean, germs are less able to settle; therefore, using the right nail salon liquids is important.

Frequently asked questions about nail salon liquids

What is the function of a cleaner in a nail salon?

A nail salon cleaner is used after nail modeling to remove excess gel or acrylic and clean the nails. It improves the appearance of the nails and prepares them for further layers.

When should a cleaner be used?

A cleaner should be used after gel or acrylic has hardened and after filing. It helps remove dust and residue and gives the nails a clean finish.

Can you use nail salon cleaner for nail prep?

Yes, a cleaner is often used before nail modeling to degrease the natural nail and prepare it for the application of gel, acrylic or nail polish.

How do you use a nail salon cleaner?

After the gel or acrylic has cured and filed, the cleaner is applied to a cotton ball or cleaning pad (zellette) and wiped over the nails to remove dust and residue.

What is the function of nail polish remover in a nail salon?

Nail polish remover is used to remove traditional nail polish. In a nail salon it is rarely used for professional modeling with gel or acrylic.