Discover vegan lip care - natural lip balm from NAILINO

You want the perfect one Lippenbalsam discover that not only cares for your lips, but also corresponds to your ethical and sustainable values? Then you are exactly right with us!

Welcome to our vegan lip balm collection! We understand how important it is for you to choose products that are cruelty-free and naturally nourish your lips. Our lip balms are made with carefully selected natural ingredients to give your lips the love and care they deserve.

Our SoftTouch lip balms give you an incredibly soft and comfortable feeling on your lips. The luxurious texture ensures smooth application and a long-lasting feeling of care. With our unique Nailino formula you can be sure that your lips are optimally protected and moisturized.

Our lip balms are more than simple maintenance - they are a wonderful lip care routine for you. From formulation to packaging, our products are carefully tailored to your needs and your environment.

Experience the true power of nature in our lip balms and enjoy the abundance of nature in every moment. We invite you to explore our vegan lip balm collection and find the ideal product to give your lips a natural glow. Choose consciously and care for your lips with a smile - without any compromises. Welcome to your new era of lip care.

Pamper your lips with our delicious lip balm varieties

Natural care for delicate lips

Welcome to our exquisite selection of lip balms that pamper your lips with intense moisture and heavenly scents. Our unique formula is designed to nourish your lips and provide them with the best possible care. Discover the irresistible flavors of vanilla and strawberry in a convenient pen format.

Gentle vanilla – natural care for everyday life

A hint of vanilla magic

Our vanilla lip balm is like a hug for your lips. The gentle and soothing note of vanilla gives your lips a pleasant feeling of well-being. The natural ingredients provide long-lasting moisture to revitalize chapped lips. This lip balm is the ideal companion for your everyday life.

Heading: Fruity strawberry – a touch of freshness

A scent like freshly picked strawberries

Our strawberry lip balm leaves your lips smelling like freshly picked strawberries. The fruity and refreshing note puts a smile on your face. This lip balm not only brings moisture but also a touch of freshness into your lip care routine. Experience the scent and care of nature with our strawberry lip balm.

Why our lip balm?

Natural feeling of well-being for your lips

Our lip balm varieties are carefully formulated to give your lips the best possible care. We rely on natural ingredients that moisturize and make your lips supple. Whether you prefer the gentle scent of vanilla or love the freshness of strawberries - our lip balm variants are the perfect choice for your daily lip care.

Your lips, our concern

Quality and sustainability

Our lip balm varieties are not only good for your lips, but also good for the environment. We value sustainability and use natural ingredients to ensure you only get the best for your lips. Our lip balm varieties are paraben-free and are not tested on animals. Choose quality and take care of your lips in a natural way.

Enjoy the variety of our lip balm varieties

Choose your favorite

Rediscover the world of lip care with our irresistible lip balm varieties. No matter whether you prefer the subtle scent of vanilla or the freshness of strawberries, we have something to suit every taste. Choose your favorite and experience natural care for your lips with a touch of delicious aromas.

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