Perfect hand cream application: tips for soft hands with NAILINO SoftTouch

It's time to talk about the perfect hand cream application - because it's not only important WHAT you use, but also HOW you use it. In this blog post, we share some invaluable tips that will take your manicure routine to the next level. And hey, if you're looking for the ideal hand cream, let's discover the great benefits of NAILINO SoftTouch Hand Cream on the go!

1. Clean and dry your hands:

Preparation is key. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove dirt and oil. Then dry them carefully to ensure that the hand cream absorbs well.

2. The Big Pea Rule:

Remember, less is often more! Squeeze a pea-sized amount of hand cream into your palm. The NAILINO SoftTouch hand cream is perfectly dosed thanks to the pump head to ensure that you have the optimal Crowd

hand cream pump head

3. Gentle rubbing:

Rub the hand cream between your palms. Don't forget to gently massage the spaces between your fingers and cuticles as well. The rich formula of the NAILINO SoftTouch hand cream is easily absorbed and doesn't leave a sticky feeling.

4. Don't forget backs of hands and wrists:

Massage the cream into the back of your hands and wrists. These spots are often overlooked, but they also need moisture!

5. Timing is everything:

Apply hand cream as needed. After washing your hands, before bed, or whenever your skin needs a refresher. The NAILINO SoftTouch hand cream is perfect for the whole day.

6. Your secret weapon: NAILINO SoftTouch hand cream

Do you want a hand cream that perfectly accompanies these steps? The NAILINO SoftTouch hand cream was developed to provide your hands with intensive moisture and at the same time to be absorbed quickly. With its unique formula, enriched with aloe vera and jojoba oil, it is your secret weapon for supple and well-groomed hands.

Conclusion: time for a sense of well-being!

Applying hand cream is more than just a routine - it's a moment of self-confidence. With the right steps and the right hand cream, you can ensure your hands are always soft, protected and ready for the day. Pamper yourself and discover the magic of NAILINO SoftTouch hand cream.

See you soon, Jasmin from NAILINO

Jasmin von Nailino