Vegan sealing gel from NAILINO in gloss and matte - Perfect choice for glossy and matte nails

NAILINO offers a wide range of nail care products including UV/LED gels, files, templates and much more. But the vegan ones deserve a special mention sealing gel by NAILINO, which are available in both glossy and matt finishes. NAILINO's vegan sealing gel has been specially developed to create a long-lasting and shiny surface on the nails.

Vegan and eco-friendly

More and more people are opting for a vegan lifestyle and are looking for vegan alternatives when it comes to nail care. NAILINO offers the perfect solution with its vegan sealing gel. The formula is free from animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. In addition, the sealing gel is environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals.

Simple application

The vegan sealing gel from NAILINO is easy to use and ensures a long-lasting and shiny surface on the nails. The gel is applied to the nails in thin layers and then hardened with a UV/LED lamp. The gel can be easily applied and distributed without it running or accumulating in corners and edges.

gloss and matte

The vegan sealing gel from NAILINO is both in shinier as well as matter Version available to meet the individual desires and needs of customers. The glossy variant gives the nails a smooth and shiny look, while the matte variant provides a trendy and matte effect. Customers can choose between different designs and match their nails to their personality and style.

gold and color glitter

The vegan sealing gel from NAILINO is also included Gold- and color glitter available to add extra sparkle and glamor to the nails. The gold and color glitter is fine and discreet, so the nails don't look too intrusive. This variant is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or parties.


The vegan Sealing gel from NAILINO is a perfect choice for people who prefer sustainable and eco-friendly nail care. The gel is easy to apply, free from harmful chemicals and provides a long-lasting glossy finish on nails. In addition, it is available in different finishes and with gold and color glitter to meet the individual wishes and needs of customers. With the vegan sealing gel from NAILINO, customers can perfectly care for their nails and at the same time have a good conscience.

Jasmin von Nailino