Ombré and gradient looks are one of the most popular and versatile nail design trends of recent years. Using a variety of colors and techniques, color gel allows you to create amazing and unique designs that are guaranteed to draw attention.

What is ombré and gradient look?

The ombré look is a technique in which two or more colors gently blend to create a smooth gradient. The gradient can be horizontal or vertical and can be designed in different colors and shades.

The gradient look, on the other hand, uses a single color that is applied in different shades to create a beautiful and seamless gradient. This technique is particularly popular with pastel and neon colors.

How to create ombré and gradient looks with color gel?

To create an ombré or gradient look with color gel, you will need the following materials:

Step 1: Preparation

Start by cleaning and filing your nails into shape. Then apply a coat of primer and bonder and cure under the UV lamp.

Step 2: Apply color gel

Select the color gel shades you want to use for your ombré or gradient look. Apply the darkest color to the nail tip first, then gently work your way towards the nail bed. Repeat this process with the next lighter color until you achieve the desired blend and gradient.

Step 3: Use sponge applicator

Now take a sponge applicator and dab it gently onto the nail to blend the colors into each other and create a soft gradient. If you are satisfied with the result, let the color gel harden under the UV lamp.

Step 4: Apply sealing gel

Finally, apply a layer of sealing gel, cure under UV light to seal in the color gel and ensure a longer-lasting result.

Tips for a perfect result

  • Use a sponge applicator to blend the colors and create a seamless gradient.
  • Use colors that work well together and are in similar color families.
  • Be patient and work slowly to get a perfect result.


Ombré and gradient looks are a simple but effective way to style your nails with color gel. Experiment with different colors.

Jasmin von Nailino
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