This year there are some exciting nail trends that will inspire us. Here are some of the top trends to try this year:

  1. Multicolor Nails: Multicolor nails are a big trend this year. These are nails that are designed in different colors. You can choose different shades or even try a rainbow design.

  2. Nude tones: Nude tones are always in trend and will be very popular this year as well. The soft shades go with every outfit and occasion and can be worn both in the office and on a special occasion.

  3. French Nails mit Twist: The classic French nails get a modern twist this year. You can reinterpret the look with different colors and designs or even add a special detail to just one nail.

  4. Glitter and metallics: Glitter and metallics will remain a big trend in 2023. You can apply them to your nails in a variety of ways, whether as a color gel or as part of a special design.

  5. 3D-Designs: 3D designs are a great way to give your nails that extra something this year. Whether small pearls, sparkling stones or cute flowers - with 3D designs you can let your creativity run free.

  6. Graphic patterns: Graphic patterns will also play an important role in nail designs this year. Whether geometric shapes or abstract patterns, you can give your nails a modern touch with graphic designs.

  7. Ombré: Ombré designs will remain a trend in 2023. This is a gradient technique in which two or more colors blend smoothly into one another. You can try different color combinations and create your own unique look.

No matter what nail trend you want to try this year, there are tons of ways to beautify your nails. Let your creativity run free and experiment with different colors and designs! Discover the products

Jasmin von Nailino