A perfectly modeled nail bed

A perfectly modeled nail bed is the basis for beautiful and well-groomed nails. The nail bed is the area of ​​skin that surrounds and nourishes the nail. A professionally modeled nail bed gives the nails a well-groomed and aesthetic appearance. In this blog post you will learn how to model the perfect nail bed.

1. Preparation:

Before you start modeling the nail bed, you should remove the cuticles and file and clean the nails. It is best to use a cuticle remover gel and a Nagelfelenblock (Buffer).

2. Modelling:

First, apply a thin layer First on the natural nail to ensure adhesion of the modeling gels to improve. Then apply a thin layer of gel to the nail and model the nail bed with a gel brush into the desired shape. Make sure that the transitions between the nail and the nail bed are smooth and flowing. It is best to use a UV gel that is easy to model.

3. Curing:

After the nail bed has been modeled, harden the gel under the UV-Lampe out of. Observe the manufacturer's recommended curing time. Then you can use the gel with a Cleaner remove any residue.

4. Fine-tuning:

After hardening, you can use a Buffer and one Fail file into the desired shape. Make sure you do this gently so as not to damage the natural nail. Then polish the nail with a polishing file or a polishing block.

5. Sealing:

Finish off with a layer sealing gel on the nail to protect it and give it a shiny effect. Harden the gel again under the UV-Lampe and clean the nail with a Cleaner.

    Bottom Line: Modeling the perfect nail bed takes patience and precision, but with a little practice and the right products it is possible for everyone. A well-groomed nail bed is the basis for beautiful nails and an important step in professional nail modeling.

    Jasmin von Nailino