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Nail Tip Glue: A must for perfect nail extensions

High performance adhesive for nail tips

When it comes to nail extensions, a high-quality nail tip glue is essential. Our glue has been specially developed for the use of nail tips to ensure a permanent and reliable connection between the natural nail and the tip. This glue is a must for anyone who values ​​long-lasting and professional nail extensions.

Strong adhesion and quick drying

Our nail tip glue is characterized by its strong adhesion, which ensures that the tips stick securely and firmly to the natural nails. It also impresses with its quick drying time, which shortens application time and makes the nail extension process more efficient.

Simple and precise to use

The precise applicator tip allows for precise dosage and easy application of the adhesive. This minimizes the risk of overflow and allows for clean and precise placement of the tips. The glue is suitable for both professionals in the nail salon and beginners at home.

Durable and reliable

Our nail tip glue is designed to last and withstand the rigors of everyday life. Whether you're extending for a special occasion or for everyday use, you can rest assured that your tips will stay secure and tight.

Ideal for all types of nail tips

The glue is compatible with a variety of nail tips including acrylic, gel and fiberglass. No matter which type of nail tips you prefer, our glue ensures optimal adhesion.

Safe and tolerable

We attach great importance to the safety and compatibility of our products. Our nail tip glue is gentle on natural nails and the surrounding skin. It is a safe choice for stunning nail extensions.

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