Neon color gels from NAILINO are a special alternative to conventional color gels, as the uv-gel neon color gels glow particularly colorfully under UV light. Inspired by the 80's, we have carefully created our colors and made them unique for you. Of course, our neon color gels are all 100% vegan and made without animal cruelty. Due to the high pigmentation, the neon color gel can be applied thinly, opaquely and easily. You can treat the nails completely with one color or apply it in places. Especially popular with French nails, instead of a classic white edge, sometimes choosing a color. Convince yourself of our bright neon colors like green, pink or orange.

Frequently asked questions about Neon Gels

What are neon color gels?

Neon color gels are gel colors that have extremely bright and vibrant neon colors. These colors are characterized by their intense brightness and are particularly striking.

How are neon color gels used?

Neon color gels are applied to the natural nail or artificial nail like conventional gel colors and then cured under a UV or LED lamp. They are suitable for various nail art techniques.

Can you combine neon color gels with other colors?

Yes, neon color gels can be combined with other colors to create unique and creative nail designs. They combine well with neutral colors or other vibrant shades.

What is the best way to care for nails with neon color gels?

Nails with neon color gels should be cared for regularly with nail oil to hydrate the cuticles. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and wear gloves if necessary.

Can you also use neon color gels on natural nails?

Yes, neon color gels can be used on natural nails to add eye-catching and vibrant color accents.