Nail Tips Sticks or Nail Tip Displays for the perfect color gel presentation 

Nail Tips Sticks and Nail Tip Displays are the perfect accessories for displaying color gels in nail salons or for home use. The Nail Tips Sticks consist of plastic sticks on which you can apply color gel and present it to your customers for viewing. These sticks are easy to use and allow you to compare different shades side by side to find the perfect shade.

The nail tip displays, on the other hand, are large, flat plates with a row of nails on which you can present your NAILINO color gel collection. These displays are usually transparent or milky to best show off the colors. They are sturdy and easy to clean, making them a practical and durable solution for your nail salon.

Both products are ideal for giving customers a better idea of ​​how the colors will look on their nails before deciding on a specific shade. With Nail Tips Sticks and Nail Tip Displays you can present your color gel collection professionally and attractively and offer your customers a pleasant and uncomplicated experience in the nail salon.


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