The perfect cat eye look: everything about cat eye gel polish

Cat Eye Gel Lacquer is one of the latest innovations in nail design. This special gel polish creates a unique 3D design on the nails that mimics the effect of cat eyes. The cat eye gel polish is applied on top of the nails and then under a UV or LED lamp hardened. During the curing process, magnetic particles in the polish are activated, creating a unique pattern on the nails.

Cat Eye Gellack comes in a variety of colors including classic black, blue, purple, pink and more. The color of the Cat Eye Gellack changes depending on the light and angle, which gives it its characteristic iridescent effect. It is also possible to mix multiple colors together to create even more unique designs.

Cat eye gel polish has a longer shelf life than regular nail polish, typically lasting around two to three weeks before needing to be removed and renewed. The gel polish is also resistant to scratches and chips, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or everyday use.

In order to apply the cat eye gel polish one has to follow some specific steps like applying a base coat with First and Base Bond as well as, using a special Magnetstifts or Magnetboards. It is also important to ensure the gel polish is fully cured under the lamp for the best result.

Overall, Cat Eye Gel Polish is a great choice for those who want a unique and appealing nail design that will last a long time and is also suitable for everyday use.

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