NAILINO's Shellac White Flake Collection - your source for breathtaking nail polishes in the trendiest colors! Our collection includes a diverse range of shades including pink, blue, lilac, orange and cherry pink. Each nail polish in this collection is finished with delicate white flakes for a unique and trendy look.

Our Shellac White Flake nail polishes are not only colorful and stylish, but also vegan and absolutely free from animal testing. With a long-lasting formula, they not only offer you long wearing pleasure, but also easy application for a professional finish.

Whether you are looking for a playful look in pink, a bold statement in blue, a delicate elegance in lilac, a sunny accent in orange or a seductive style in cherry pink - our collection has the right nail polish for every occasion and every mood.

Expand your nail polish collection with NAILINO's Shellac White Flake collection and set stylish accents on your nails. Let your creativity run free and discover the diverse possibilities of this trendy color palette.

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