NAILINO Poly Acryl Gel

Poly Acryl Gel combines the best properties of acrylic and UV gel for modelling. The strength of acrylic and the flexibility of UV builder gel. Ideal for beginners in particular, as the stability of the gel means that it no longer runs into the edges and there is enough time to model the nails. Conveniently delivered in a handy tube.


Icon Standfestigkeit
High stability, no more running into the edges of the nail. Also suitable for nail designers beginners.

Icon Recycle
Better adhesion, poly acrylic gel has the stability of acrylic and the flexibility of UV gel.

Icon vier Nagelfomen
Regardless of whether stencils- or Tip-Modellage, or natural nail reinforcement. easily possible with Poly Acryl Gel.

Icon Zeitersparnis
Time saving due to the adhesive properties of the poly acrylic gel, the whole hand can be modeled without curing individually. Faster nail modelling, enables higher customer capacity.

Icon Fingernagel und Feile
Less filing work because the viscosity of the polyacrylic gel gives you enough time to shape the gel for modelling.