Optimal hygiene and efficiency in the nail salon: metal file board with interchangeable file blades

Simple and hygienic: interchangeable file blades on the metal file board

In a professional nail salon, hygiene is the top priority. With our system of metal file boards and interchangeable file blades, you not only guarantee the highest hygiene standards, but you also work efficiently and cost-effectively. The file blades can be easily attached to the metal file board thanks to the practical adhesive device. After each customer, the file blades can be removed quickly and easily and replaced with fresh ones.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Another advantage of this system is the cost savings. A single file blade is significantly cheaper than a conventional disposable file. This not only protects your wallet, but is also more environmentally friendly as less waste is produced.

Ergonomics and safety when filing

The design of the metal file board offers numerous advantages in terms of handling. Thanks to its thin design, the board sits comfortably in the hand, which enables precise work. The lower risk of cutting nearby skin increases safety for you and your customers. In addition, the certain weight of the metal filing board supports filing work by providing stability and control while filing.

Stable hold and removal without leaving any residue

While working, the file blade remains stable on the board without slipping or coming loose. After work, the file blade can be removed without leaving any residue, making cleaning and preparation for the next use easier.

Important: Metal board required for use

In order to use the interchangeable file blades, you need a special metal file board. This board is specially designed to hold and hold the file blades and forms the basis for this efficient and hygienic filing system in your nail salon.

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