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BEAUTYSept hand disinfection

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BEAUTYSept hand disinfection

2-Propanol 70% (V/V)2-Propanol 70% (V/V)

Solution for applying to the skin and preparing poultices

Skin and hand sanitizer

  • Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection
  • Skin disinfection before simple injections
  • For cooling envelopes

preparation type
BEAUTYSept hand disinfection is an alcohol-based skin and hand disinfectant with a short-term effect, without cumulative long-term active ingredients. 

Instructions for use

application areas
 Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection, skin disinfection before simple injections and punctures of peripheral vessels, skin disinfection before operations and before punctures of joints, disinfection of skin rich in sebaceous glands, cold packs.

2-Propanol 70% (V/V) is not suitable for disinfecting open wounds.

Interactions with other agents
Not known.

Flammable! Keep away from sources of ignition! Do not smoke! Store tightly closed. If the solution is spilled, immediate measures against fire and explosion must be taken. Suitable measures are, for example, picking up the spilled liquid and diluting it with water, ventilating the room and eliminating sources of ignition. 18°C flash point. Keep medicines out of the reach of children.

Instruction of dosage and kind of usage
For hygienic hand disinfection, the hands are rubbed with the solution and kept moist for 30 seconds. For surgical hand disinfection, hands and forearms are rubbed with the solution and kept moist for 3 minutes. For disinfection before simple injections and punctures of peripheral vessels, the skin is carefully rubbed with the solution and kept moist for 15 seconds. For disinfection before operations and before joint punctures, the skin is carefully rubbed with the solution and kept moist for 1 minute. To disinfect skin rich in sebaceous glands, the skin is carefully rubbed with the solution and kept moist for 10 minutes. For cold packs, use the solution diluted with equal parts water.

a notice
The times given are minimum times. Depending on the additional difficulties (e.g. damp skin, soiling of the skin, risk of the procedure), the exposure times should be extended. 2-Propanol 70% (V/V) does not kill spores and is therefore not suitable for storing sterile instruments and syringes. If you have any questions about the application, please contact your doctor and pharmacist.

side effects
When rubbing the skin with 2-propanol 70% (V/V), reddening and slight burning may occur.  

Active Ingredient: 2-Propanol: 63.1 gOther Ingredient: Purified Water at 100.0 g each

Reports of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This also applies to side effects that are not listed in this leaflet.

After the skin and hand disinfection has started, it can be used for 6 months. Do not use after the expiry date! The prerequisite is the careful resealing of the container immediately after each use. Residues of the removed disinfectant must not be returned to the original container in order to avoid contamination. Transferring skin and hand disinfection may only take place under aseptic conditions.

Chemical-physical composition
Appearance of the concentrate: clear liquid
Density (20°C): 0.875 - 0.878
Solubility in water: miscible
Flash point according to DIN 51 755: 22°C
BEAUTYSept hand disinfection corresponds to the regulations of the valid pharmacopoeia with regard to "acidic and alkaline reacting substances".

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