Nail Stickers Gold - Black Abstract Art

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Nail Stickers Gold - Black Abstract Art

Nail Stickers Gold - Black Abstract type of modern stickers for nails.

How are the nail stickers Nagelsticker Gold - Schwarz Art applied to the nail?

The artificial nail stickers can be attached to the natural nail or to the modeled gel nails. As a base on the natural nail we recommend our Nailino Nagel Primer, then the nail sticker can be placed on the nail with nail art tweezers and with a Nailino Nail Trim Gler be fixed.
The same principle is also applied to the finished nail modeling, at the end give the nail sticker the right hold with a sealer.

Nagelsticker Gold - Schwarz Abstrakte Kunst
  • Prepare your nails in the desired shape and color
  • Carefully peel off the sticker from the backing film
  • Apply the sticker - with tweezers - to the nail and press it lightly
  • Now seal with NAILINO Finish Gel Ultimate Gloss or Matte Effect