Nailino Color Gel Chestnut Wood

SKU: 1324
CHF 10.32 CHF 12.90

Inhalt: 5ml

Farbe: Nude

Viskosität: mittel- bis dickviskos (cremig)

Aushärten: LED - 60 Sek, UV - 90 Sek

Nailino color gels for nails in premium quality 

All our Color gels for nails are Vegan & without animal suffering manufactured. Also made for a perfect color result and long-lasting shine. The mixture of highly pigmented color and the long mixing during production ensures perfect coverage with the first layer applied. The creamy substance makes brush work easier and enables quick work.


After construction, apply the color gel in one or two thin layers of color and let it harden under UV LED light. As a finish for sealing, we recommend our Nailino Finish Gel Ultimate Gloss for the perfect result.