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NAILINO Rapid Tip Glue

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NAILINO Rapid Tip Glue for Press on Tips

The NAILINO Rapid Tip Glue is a powerful adhesive for the application of Press on Tips. This glue is specially formulated to achieve optimal results without a sweat layer and a thick, viscous consistency. With a fast curing time (60 seconds UV LED lamp) and strong adhesion, this glue is perfect for professional nail designers and beginners alike.

The NAILINO Rapid Tip Glue glue is suitable for both personal use and professional use. It is also perfect for applying nail art and decorations. With a capacity of 15ml, the NAILINO Rapid Tip Glue is a durable and reliable product that enables a perfect manicure.


Application of NAILINO Rapid Tip Glue glue

This new, innovative Press on Nail Tip system now offers even more options. The shapes of the Press on Tips are already predefined, matted and no longer need to be filed from above and below. You no longer need a gel builder layer and can therefore save a lot of time.

The tip of the NAILINO Press on Tips is intentionally made thick so that it does not tear during wear and the back part is also thin so that it adapts better to the nail.

Using the Press On Tips

Prepare the nails and cuticles as usual, then apply the NAILINO The Primer to the nail bed.

Now apply the NAILINO Rapid Tip glue to the inside of the Press On Tip and press it onto the nail.

Hold the attached Press On Tip in the UV LED lamp for 10 seconds; it is important to hold the tip in place with your other hand. Alternatively, fixing clamps can make this easier.

Now let the fixed Press On Tips cure completely for 60 seconds under UV LED light.

If necessary, you can file the transition from the tip to the edge of the nail with a milling bit to conceal any protruding edges. Now roughen the entire Press On Tip to continue applying the color gel.

Now apply color gel to the nail and let it harden.

Finally, seal the nail with the NAILINO Finish Gel Ultimate Gloss.

When filling the nails (refill), the Press On Tip can be filed down along with the gel. Important! Leave a thin layer of remaining gel on the nail to protect the natural nail.

Press on tips design

Press on Tip can be creatively decorated with colored gel, crystals or rhinestones before they are attached. There are no design limits.


Curing: 60 seconds UV LED


Contents: 15ml

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Vegan & Cruelty Free

Vegan means that all our NAILINO UV gels, lacquers, liquids and products for nails do not contain any ingredients of animal origin or have been tested on animals. In particular, we strictly reject animal testing and animal suffering in order to manufacture cosmetic products. NAILINO will constantly expand the range with new vegan color gels, vegan building gels and vegan glitter gel for nails. The color intensity and opacity is unique and shortens the nail modelling, as no multiple layers are required. If a desired color is missing in our nail shop, please let us know. Starting today, use our nail products in your nail salon to offer vegan gel nail manicures.

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