NAILINO nail polish remover

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Nailino nail polish remover - free of acetone

The Nailino nail polish remover is acetone-free and is used to remove color residue and varnish residue. The nail polish remover is ideal for artificial nails as it does not contain acetone. 

  • Acetonfrei
  • nail gentle
  • Pleasant smell

Our nail polish remover contains special ingredients that ensure a pleasant and neutral scent.



  • Content: 500ml
  • Acetonfrei
  • 100% Vegan | No Animal Testing | No ingredients of animal origin | No animal suffering
  • Our NAILINO products are certified according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation 


[TAB:Application]Some nail polish remover - liquid on a cellophane or cotton ball and wet the nail surface with it. Allow the liquid to take effect for a few seconds, this is the only way to optimally remove the color residues by pulling the cellette or cotton swab towards the tip of the nail.