NAILINO Nail Builder Gel Jelly Old Rose

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NAILINO Nail Builder Gel Jelly Old Rose

The NAILINO Builder Gel Jelly Old Rose is a very thick viscous builder gel in old rose colour. This UV builder gel is semi-opaque. The 100% vegan UV Builder Gel is self-smoothing and can be applied very easily and evenly to the nail modelling.

In the new shapely rose gold glass jar, this building gel is an eye-catcher in your nail studio.

Advantages of this high-viscosity builder gel

  • Easy to rework, less filing work
  • Unlimited nail shaping time
  • Faster work because you can even fill several nails at the same time without having to use the UV/LED lamp individually
  • The builder gel smoothes itself out
  • Fast curing without generating heat
  • Content: 15ml
  • Curing time: LED 90 seconds | UV 120 seconds
  • 100% Vegan | No Animal Testing | No ingredients of animal origin | No animal suffering
  • Our NAILINO products are certified according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation 

For commercial/professional use only

NAILINO Nail Builder Gel Jelly Old Rose[TAB:Properties]NAILINO Nail Builder Gel Jelly Old Rose
  • Very thick viscous
  • semi-opaque
  • Colour: old rose