Starlight Flash Lilac

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NAILINO Starlight Flash Lilac - Lila Reflektierendes Glitter Gel

Our purple reflective glitter gel. Manufactured according to the latest recipe. The Starlight Collection by Nailino with the special effect.
  • The first is a smoky version of the purple color with fine stardust.
  • The second shows millions of sparkling silver particles bathed in beautiful colors. Which version is visible depends only on the light and its intensity!
Millions of glitter particles create the effect with flashlight.
Instructions for use:
Prepare the nail plate (remove visible and invisible cuticles, e.g. with a cutter, buffer or file. Then matt the nail plate with a cutter, buffer or file).
Degrease the nail plate, apply a thin layer of adhesive gel and cure. Now build up the nail with a gel of your choice, let it harden and file it into shape.
Apply a layer of the chosen color and cure in the LED lamp (The process can be repeated. Make sure to work in thin layers if you want to layer the gel).
Finally, cover the nail with a finish gel of your choice and finally harden it again in the lamp.

  • thin-medium viscosity
  • easy to apply
  • leaves an inhibition layer
  • Cure at: UV/LED - 60 sec | UV - 120 sec
  • Content: 5ml