Gel polish for nails available at In addition to many great Gellack colors, we also offer Gel Polish Base Coat an.

What is gel polish?

Gel polish or Shellac from Nailino is known as a 'hybrid' UV gel for nails, it differs in some respects from the classic gel manicure and nail polish and is often seen as a mixture of both. Both gel and gel polish are hardened within half a minute after application with UV light - the tiresome blowing to dry the nail polish is no longer necessary. 

  • Gel polish ensures no chipping and lasts longer than nail polish. 
  • Gel polish is a mixture of nail polish and gel. Suitable for all healthy nails. These must not be too thin.

How long does gel polish last?

Gellack lasts about 3 weeks as a nails manicure. Even longer than a pedicure on feet.
An advantage is that gel polish does not splinter but grows out. The robustness of gel polish easily withstands sports or everyday work compared to nail polish.

Gel polish can come with nail polish remover be removed, or with a file.

Can I do gel polish nails myself?

Yes, manicure or pedicure with gel polish can be done at home without any problems. If you are unsure or do not have a steady hand, you can also have Gellack Nails done in your trusted nail salon.

How is gel polish applied?

It is important for the application of gel polish that the nail is well prepared.

  1. Make sure the nails are clean. Trim and file the nails into the desired shape. Push back the cuticles. Rough the nail surface with a Fail or Buffer on so that the gel polish adheres better.
  2. Now the nails must be free of grease. With our Cleaner for nail polish or with a nail polish remover we degrease the nails.
  3. Now we apply the Gellack Base Coat to the nails as a base coat and harden it under a UV LED Lamp for gel polish out.
  4. We then apply the desired gel polish color and also cure it under UV LED light.
  5. In order to give the gel polish the necessary hold, we seal the nails with it Finish Gel for gel polish, for this we apply this gel and harden it under the UV LED lamp.

How is gel polish removed?

After about 2 weeks, the Shellac Nails no longer look fresh. So we need to remove the varnish. 
Remove gel polish with a file or with nail polish remover. If you decide to use nail polish remover, the nails must be soaked in acetone nail polish remover for about 10 minutes, then the polish can be easily removed.

Is Gellack and Shellac the same?

yes it is the same There is also the term Soak Off Gel. It is the same type of gel.

What is better for nails gel or gel polish?

Well, this cannot be answered in general terms. Nails with gel are more durable compared to gel polish. Gellack Nails last about 2 weeks, but processing is shorter and easier. You don't need as many nail accessories as with gel nails. The application at home with gel varnish is possible without any problems. Gel polish is the perfect alternative to nail polish.

Jasmin von Nailino